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Live Floor Trailers

Trailer Lengths Available

  • 34' to 50'

Truck Bed Lengths Available

  • 18' to 26'

Side Wall Height Options

  • 5' (Standard)

  • Extensions Available in 1' Increments

Back Door Options

  • Top Hinge (Standard)

  • Barn Door

  • Hydraulic Top Hinge


  • Air Ride

  • Spring Ride


  • Rear LED Lights

  • LED Light Bar

  • LED Market Lights

Live Floor Trailer Features:

Tarp System

  • Electric Roll-Over Tarp Side-to-Side

  • Manual Roll-Over Tarp Side-to-Side

  • Manual Front-to-back

Custom Pre-Fab One-Piece Wiring Harness

Aluminum or Steel Wheels

  • Multiple Tire Options Available

Amershield Marine Grade Paint

Single or Two-Tone Paint Options

1/2" HMW (BTR Welds all HMW Liner Seams)

Other Options:

Grain Seal Kit

Grain Kit Funnel

Barrel Chain

Super Single Tires

3rd Axle Available

Parker Motors TK1000

Air Scale Available

Capacity Calculator

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